ZERO Construct joins the Affiliates Programme

Nima is delighted to announce a formal affiliation with ZERO Construct.

Zero Construct has become the latest membership organisation to join the nima Affiliates Group.  Their mission is to create a new construction industry culture that continuously measures and manages carbon through all project stages. 

Nima fully support the aims of Zero Construct and we are excited to announce the first interactive crossover ZERO, nima & bSUKI event on 18th January 2023 – bringing information management (IM) to the decarbonisation topic. Look out for details in the near future.

Jonathan Munkley WSP and Zero construct said: “Digital transformation and therefore good information management on projects is key for projects to deliver their carbon reduction targets. Therefore, knowledge sharing across ZERO and NIMA is going to be a powerful partnership.”

James Bowles, ZERO Construct adds “We need to greatly improve our carbon literacy, accountability, and transparency. To do this we’re going to need robust processes and good information management. The partnership between nima and ZERO will focus on this topic. Really looking forward to seeing what we can achieve together.”

Andrew Gamblen, nima Affiliates Team: ““It’s great to have an affiliate that has a broad membership with the expertise in what is rapidly becoming the most important aspect of the built environment. We look forward to sharing knowledge between all our affiliates to drive digital transformation and deliver the carbon reduction targets.”

The Affiliate programme aims to bring together the professional institutions, supply chain partners and other industry organisations to provide a consistent message and to enable a coordinated approach to digital transformation, working towards a shared objective.

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