Railway Domain


The purpose of the Railway Domain is to accelerate and exploit new digital opportunities for railway systems and create a comprehensive and applicable digital representation of the entire railway ecosystem that will support all phases of the lifecycle. This provides the basis of interoperable support systems, reduced complexity, secure and safe solutions and reduced costs for all stakeholders.

Key Objectives:

  • Develop interoperable support systems
  • Reduce the complexity of the rail ecosystem
  • Assure secure and safe solutions
  • Reduce project cost and delay for all partners
  • Work with buildingSMART, rail owners and operators, and other stakeholders to:Extend the IFC Infrastructure Schema for the rail domain, construction and maintenance
  • Contribute to IFC Common Schema development
  • Build on international consensus
  • Take into account iterative works with complementary data and IFC deployments
  • Support early deployment and testing by making the deliverables publicly available and open

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