bSUKI regulatory domain - viaduct

Hear about automated compliance-checking with bSUKI

Automated compliance-checking for buildings is being rolled out in several countries, including Dubai and Singapore this year, with Finland and Estonia next. There hasn’t been the same level of adoption for infrastructure, but with the release of IFC 4.3, this could change.

The ‘regulatory domain’ of buildingSMART UK & Ireland will be hosting a lunchime webinar on 20 February 2024 about automated compliance checking. This is an opportunity to discuss the differences and the potential. Topics will include special regulatory bodies, in-house regulations, and how derogations and departures are managed.

Hear from Dr. Reuben McDonald, HS2 Ltd, on “Regulations and Requirements in the Infrastructure Sector” and Nicholas Nisbet on “A discussion of openBIM, IFC 4.3 and compliance for infrastructure”. More details and a link to register for the webinar are on the nima event page.

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