GIIG – improving interoperability

The GIIG (a trading brand of nima; see about) is a not-for-profit business focussed on practical ways to enable efficient information flows in construction and asset management. Our focus is on interoperabilitythe ability to exchange and use information, ensuring that information is independent of the technologies used. We help organisations to manage their information so that it is interoperable.

A social enterprise, the GIIG is independent and impartial. It is made up of an evolving group of specialists. Experts in interoperable information across the asset lifecycle, we help with practical application of data-centric, open standards-based approaches in the built and managed environment.

GIIG - specify to exploit

Following earlier UK work relating to building information modelling (BIM), the GIIG emerged from an engagement between UK Government and industry between 2019 and 2023 (see history). Deliverables from this period have been shared with industry (see publications). While that formal engagement ended, an appetite remains to further develop GIIG outputs for the public good and provide practical support. The GIIG is committed to share insights and/or intellectual property for wider exploitation.

In short, the GIIG supports and is powered by nima, and aims to undertake consultancy work with public and private sector industry organisations. And, where we are allowed, we will share our learning to help improve industry-wide information management best practices regarding assets in the built and managed environment.