Operance support nima as a Bronze Patron

We are delighted to announce that as the first of a series of new Patron announcements, Operance are now supporting nima as Bronze Patrons and members of our Technology Group.

nima Vice Chair Casey D Rutland says:

“We are excited to be formalising a relationship with Operance in our new guise, following on from their support in kind (staff time) in our former incarnation as the UK BIM Alliance and through to our new identity as nima.”

Operance Head of Digital Services, Dave Peacock says:

“It’s a pleasure to be joining nima as a patron and part of the technology group. The nima approach of Inspiring, Influencing, Connecting, Supporting and Transforming, align with the approach of Operance to manage the world’s building information for safe, harmonious places for everyone. Nima has been at the forefront of BIM & Information Management in the UK and beyond for many years, we are glad to assist in continuing that alongside nima

About Operance

As experienced construction and BIM professionals, Operance founders became increasingly frustrated at the inability to store, search, update and utilise building information, so they set about creating a solution! Operance created their digital operations and maintenance (O&M) & Golden Thread application along with their range of BIM consultancy offerings, empowering facility managers and building owners to manage their facilities and reduce the cost of building ownership with safety in mind

You can find out more about Operance here: https://www.operance.app/

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