Reinvigorating the nima BIM Academic Forum (BAF) – Workshop Invitation!

The BIM Academic Forum (BAF) is a nima BIM4 community working group.

Established in late 2011, we respond to the changing need across the construction industry to help develop professionals with the required knowledge and skills for a transforming industry.  We do this by promoting the academic aspects of the digital transformation agenda. 

The forum is a diverse group of built environment academics, representatives of digital transformation initiatives (such as task groups), software vendors, BRE, and other educator representatives of colleges and schools.

As part of our reinvigoration, we would like to invite you to a BAF workshop taking place on the 30th June at Wolverhampton University. 

The focus of the workshop will be to reconvene members of the forum and welcome new members, introduce the forum and reflect on the activities/outcomes to-date. We will also introduce nima and the alignment of the BAF as a BIM4 community and explore the opportunities and priorities for the forum moving forward. 

Please register for the workshop here:

UK BIAF Workshop and Feedback 

We also encourage you to forward the invitation to your colleagues/contacts for whom the workshop may be of interest. 

We look forward to seeing you on the day, reconvening the forum, and moving forward.

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