Glodon – a new international Platinum Patron for nima!

We’re so excited to announce that during the launch of our new identity, we gained the support of Glodon as a new international Platinum Patron and member of our Technology Group.

As a global provider of Digital Building Platforms, Glodon has over two decades of experience in the building and construction industry and has built a reputation for innovation and excellence. By bringing digital technology to the forefront of the construction industry, Glodon aims to transform the industry and is now introducing itself to the UK market offering technical solutions, as well as digitization experience, as part of its product portfolio.   

Glodon has released an industry strategy that is aimed at promoting industrial transformation and evolution through the use of information technologies such as BIM, cloud computing, big data, IoT, mobile internet, and AI but, most importantly, aims at effective use of information management and enhanced collaboration across the entire construction lifecycle. By integrating personnel, processes, data, technology and business systems together with advanced lean construction methods, Glodon Digital Building Platform integrates all aspects and parties involved in the construction of the physical building- digitally, on the cloud intelligently. Glodon Digital Building Platform enables the industrial advancements of innovative design, digital construction, as well as digital operations and maintenance to be carried out on every project, providing better, faster, and more cost-effective outcomes.  

Casey Rutland, Vice Chair of nima: “We are so happy to receive support from an international organisation such as Glodon and warmly welcome them to the nima community. We look forward to building a rewarding relationship with them in helping to transform the industry to a data-driven one.” 

Pierpaolo Franco, VP International Glodon: “Our team at Glodon is very proud to join the nima community as part of our commitment to contributing to the transformation of the construction industry through digital technologies. Our company believes that digitalisation is the answer to some of the most pressing challenges within the industry and that it will be the key to our business goal to make every project successful. I hope that our participation will provide an international viewpoint and that this cooperation can serve as a launchpad for introducing the data-driven, lifecycle mindset to the built environment.” 

Paul Wilkinson, chair of nima’s Technology Group said: “Information management in the international built and managed environment is being digitised at an increasing pace, embracing more disciplines, and extending across the whole life cycles of assets. The nima technology group provides a forum through which technology providers such as Glodon can engage with each other and with wider industry to enable better information management practices.” 

We warmly welcome our Glodon team and look forward to working with you all.

Notes to Editors: 

About nima 
Nima’s mission is “to inspire, influence, connect and support everyone active in the built environment, and enable them to better manage information vital to the needs of our times”. A volunteer-led organization, it helps people to take practical steps in their journey towards digital transformation. Nima aims to ensure BIM becomes business as usual whilst at the same time, transforming and future-proofing the way the industry works. Nima is also the UK & Ireland chapter of buildingSMART.   

About Glodon 
Glodon is a leading digital building platform service provider established in 1998. As the first listed company in the field of construction digitalisation in China, Glodon’s vision is to use technology to create a better living and working environment. Glodon always serves the construction industry with professionalism and hopes to create a new industrial ecology with openness, interconnection, sharing and collaboration in the digital era. As a digital enabler, Glodon attaches great importance to industrial research and technological innovation to help the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry with BIM, cloud computing, big data, the Internet of Things, mobile Internet, artificial intelligence and other information technologies. Glodon has established more than 80 subsidiaries worldwide, providing more than 100 products and services across the entire life cycle of construction projects for 340,000 corporate customers in over 100 countries and regions. 

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