BSI Part 6 consultation screengrab

Consultation on ISO 19650-6: information management for health and safety

A draft version of ISO 19650-6, the standard outlining how information management can support health and safety, is still open for consultation.

The draft standard has been through its first two stages (proposal and draft); consultation began on 28 November 2023 and will close on 21 January 2024. It specifies how to use health and safety information to:

  • provide a safer and healthier environment for end users
  • mitigate the inherent hazards and health and safety risks across the asset life cycle
  • result in improved health and safety performance, fewer incidents and associated impacts
  • provide for clearer, more assured and relevant health and safety information to the ‘right-people’ at the ‘right time’, and
  • increase construction and operational value.

The document does not change the legal obligations on parties around health and safety risk management. Visit the British Standards Institute website to review and comment upon the draft.

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