Another new Patron! – 1Spatial

1Spatial are joining other companies in support of nima’s activities in supporting industrys Information Management transformation. They are formalising our relationship through Bronze Patronage.

nima Vice Chair, Casey D Rutland says:

“With similar outlooks on our approach to the data and information management transformation of our industry, we’re grateful to now be supported by 1Spatial. For many years (B)IM and geospatial data discussions have been developed in isolation from one another and we’re looking forward to bringing together these communities with the expertise and experience of 1Spatial.”

1Spatial Head of Built Environment, Matthew White says:

“1Spatial is delighted to support nima’s vision for a thriving and sustainable built and natural environment transformed by using data. 1Spatial embraces the philosophy – “with trusted data, great things happen”. We facilitate the implementation and integration of practical information management practices across our built and environmental infrastructure. 1Spatial look forward to being part of the shift from BIM to addressing wider Information Management (IM) challenges, including building safety, climate change, and delivering value across the life cycle of our built and managed assets.”

You can find out more about 1Spatial here: https://1spatial.com/

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