nima podcast previews two Virtual Spring Conference 2024 keynotes

The nima podcast – That Information Management Podcast – has recorded interviews with two of the keynote speakers at this week’s Virtual Spring Conference 2024.

The first podcast features Rene Morkos, CEO of US-based ALICE Technologies, a software business that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to optimise the scheduling of construction projects. He talks about the importance of data:

You can’t really use AI without data. The advice we give all our clients is save your data, even if its not structured and you don’t know what to do with it. Even old thumbdrives sitting somewhere in the bottom of a drawer, save it, it may be useful in the future. AI does not run without data….”

The second podcast guest was Grimshaw Architects’ head of sustainability Paul Toyne talking about circular economy thinking, modern methods of construction and – again – the importance of reliable data, this time for use in managing building materials:

“… we need to have information that tells us about the economics behind the best use of those resources and how to maximise their value. We also need information to understand current trends and what future trends will be so that we can direct material flows into the right areas….”

All past episodes of the nima podcast are available to download on Spotify.

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