nima Virtual Conference 2024 / Networking Rooms / Speakers / Ahmed Helmy Abdelmagid

Ahmed Helmy Abdelmagid

Head of BIM, Defra Group Property

Ahmed is deeply passionate about driving digital transformation in the UK’s AEC sector. At AHA Associates, they are committed to more than traditional consultancy, they are focused on reshaping BIM and Information Management and leading the evolution in managing the lifecycle of assets and facilities.

Ahmed’s journey has been dedicated to bridging the traditional gaps in BIM & Information Management with strategic business outcomes. This has involved engaging stakeholders and developing Asset Management, Information, and Maintenance Strategies that make a real difference. By leading client-side information management efforts, his aim is to elevate digital transformation and BIM implementation to new levels.

At the core of Ahmed’s work lies the innovative application of digital twins, IoT, and data analytics. These technologies are crucial for unlocking new potentials in sustainability and efficiency, changing how we engage with our built environment.

Ahmed is also actively involved in initiatives such as the UK BIM Framework, advocating for progressive BIM & Information Management practices.