Standard IM processes help ALEC Construction…

In 2022, ALEC began realigning its processes and template documentation according to ISO 19650-1&2 in preparation for company certification via bsi’s BIM Kitemark scheme.

When revisting existing template documentation aligned to the previous 1192 suite of standards, ALEC took the opportunity to build new resources in a relational database (Morta), rather than using Microsoft Word & Excel. This modern approach has helped us to standardise plans, matrices and trackers while generating efficiencies through having robust, permission-controlled, dynamic online resources.

This success has since spread wider than the digital construction department with other departments now moving from Excel to Morta where multiple contributors are required.

Andy Boutle – Head of Digital Construction at ALEC says

“By implementing a ‘business standard’ information management process aligned with template resources, we have achieved a BIM Kitemark from BSI conforming to ISO 19650-1 & 2 that has been informed by the helpful UK BIM Framework guidance”

Top 3 benefits noted by ALEC are:

  1. Increased efficiencies – Repeatable template resources that are aligned to industry standards and continually improved based on project implementation and feedback.
  2. Conforming to international standards – Robust ‘end-to-end’ information management process aligned to ISO 19650-2 from tender response to project closeout, translated to ALEC specific business processes.
  3. Modern approach – A cloud-based database approach to build dynamic online resources that connect to systems, automate the mundane and reduce human error replacing disconnected MS Word and Excel workflows.

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