Implementing BIM to create a retrospective ‘as-built’

As part of the UK Government’s New Hospital Programme (NHP) – the biggest hospital building programme in a generation – Milton Keynes University Hospital (MKUH) was granted seed funding to improve their hospital estate.

When starting work on this, MKUH soon recognised there were gaps in their ways of working when it came to using data intelligently, as well as implementing a robust Building Information Modelling (BIM) strategy on their estate’s projects. “The creation of data needed to manage and maintain our buildings was not something we fully owned or could access quickly and easily.”

The team at Symetri partnered with the Strategic Estates team at MKUH to revitalise their BIM journey; aiming to improve the data collection process in order to prepare them for future construction projects. They identified an opportunity to retrospectively look at their BIM processes on already completed projects – an example of such was the building of the Cancer Centre, completed in 2019. During the build of the Centre, BIM wasn’t fully utilised.

These examples demonstrated that the Trust did not have an ‘as built’ representation of the Cancer Centre, so they began to build up a test project for using ‘Construction to Operations Building Information Exchange’ (COBie) to populate a digital dataset that mirrored their physical asset, to transform how they manage the building and upcoming buildings into the future. 

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