Fire Safety Information Management Working Group

Initiating the next phases of development of the BS 8644 suite…

You may be aware that BS 8644-1 was published by the British Standards Institution in July 2022. This standard is a multi-part series, developed in recognition of both the immediate requirements of the fire safety sector, and the need to develop and encourage a standard information management approach for fire safety information.

The BS 8644 authoring team, nima and bSUKI agreed the need to establish a working group to:

  • Identify challenges and solutions for effective lifecycle fire safety information management
  • Develop a dedicated schema for fire safety information exchange (FIREie)
  • Cascade appropriate messaging and best practice through effective industry stakeholder engagement

This small group of stakeholders will be widened as and when required, ensuring all constructive feedback is incorporated into the work.

The working group is co-convened by Dr Anne Kemp and Aman Sharma.

We collectively view this as an essential work item to continue supporting the fire safety sector’s journey to a better, standardised information management approach, whilst simultaneously integrating fire safety into information management processes recognised today.

We look forward to working together and supporting this very necessary work.

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