11:00 – 11:20

Circular Economy, Sustainability and Information Management

nima Virtual Conference 2024 / Sessions / Circular Economy, Sustainability and Information Management

Circular Economy, Sustainability and Information Management

Dr Paul Toyne, Group practice leader sustainability, Grimshaw

Dr Paul Toyne’s keynote presentation will explore the need for regenerative systems that deploy circularity. He will explain why the over-consumption of the Earth’s resource is an alarming issue that needs to be addressed. The keynote will explore our consumption impact on ecological systems and planetary boundaries, discussing how the climate emergency and biological diversity extinction are linked to this over consumption.

Dr Toyne will then suggest solutions to explore during the conference and share some examples from the built environment. He will make the case for the  reporting of the full benefits, social, economic and environmental of a circular approach. To conclude, Paul will challenge the conference to start applying systems thinking to this challenge, to consider the need for data and evidence to drive policy, business and society acceptance for the need to keep the Earth alive and vibrant.

nima Virtual Spring Conference 2024

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Thursday 18 April 2024

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