11:00 – 11:30

Diversity of Thought

nima Virtual Conference 2023 / Sessions / Diversity of Thought

Diversity of Thought

Dr Mark McBride Wright MBE, Founder and Managing Director, EqualEngineers

Diversity is a far reaching word and means many things to many people. At nima, we champion diversity of thought, where fairness, openness and collaboration wins over injustice.

In his keynote presentation, Mark aims to equip, inform and inspire the audience towards greater diversity and increased inclusivity within the construction industry.

As Founder & Managing Director of EqualEngineers, Mark believes that creating an inclusive culture is analogous to creating a safety-conscious culture. Our industry has invested a lot of time, money and effort raising awareness where people are comfortable with calling out unsafe acts, the intent being to avoid a major accident hazard happening.

Here, Mark will draw similarities for creating an inclusive culture for everyone, so that people can call-out non-inclusive language and challenge negative behaviours. He urges all employers – large or small, public or private sector – to treat mental health as seriously as physical health. Early action can stop any employees reaching a desperate stage. Simple actions can make a huge difference.