14:30 – 15:00

Delivering the Digital Dream

nima Virtual Conference 2023 / Sessions / Delivering the Digital Dream?

Delivering the Digital Dream?

Dr Jennifer Schooling OBE, Director of the Centre for Smart Infrastructure and
Construction (CSIC)
, University of Cambridge

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the built environment industry is undergoing a digital transformation that is revolutionising the way we design, build, and manage our built assets.

There are exciting possibilities presented by the integration of digital technologies, such as 3D design and collaboration softwares, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Augmented Reality (AR) to enhance project efficiency, sustainability, and safety. However, to unlock the full benefits of digitization and deliver opportunities for growth, efficiency and sustainability, we need to complete the transformation.

The industry’s current information management practices still frequently rely on traditional approaches. We need to adopt and embed the information management standards, frameworks and processes that the industry has developed, and ensure that our practices are digitally led and fit for purpose.

In this talk, Jennifer will delve into the key issues, solutions and opportunities to fully deliver the digital transformation in the construction and built environment sectors.