Professional Certification – Current Approved Training Providers

The following training providers are listed at buildingSMART UK & Ireland as approved training providers for the Professional Certification Foundation (Basic) curricula.

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buildingSMART UK & Ireland welcomes applications from training providers wishing to become part of the Professional Certification programme and become an approved training provider. The program exists to support training organisations to deliver internationally standardised and recognised training content that meets the Learning Outcomes defined within the program and within each curriculum.

By adopting the localised learning framework, training partners can have their courses ‘buildingSMART approved’. Organisations can also benefit from training material, seminars and on-going support provided by the chapter team.

Students taking the approved training are eligible to be submitted for the exam, which if passed, will grant them an individual “Professional Certification” qualification.

Professional Certification – Foundation is structured around nine curricula, although new curriculum may be added as required. The Basic curriculum is the foundation of the Programme and is a prerequisite for an individual wishing to participate in any other extension curricula. 

For each curriculum, buildingSMART defines the following three components:

1. The Learning Outcome Framework (LOF); the learning objectives which students on approved courses will be assessed against;
2. A Body of Knowledge (BoK); a resource for Training Provider’s to help them build high quality and consistent training content
3. A Question Database, containing a pool of multiple-choice questions to populate the examination tool.

Click here for more detail on the buildingSMART UK & Ireland Learning Outcome Framework.

Benefits to Training Providers

• Kick-start your course content development by using the buildingSMART learning outcome framework.
• Ensure your course is up to date and reflective of best practices.
• Benefit from the learning guidelines and support mechanisms from the local chapter.
• Brand your course as ‘buildingSMART registered’.

Professional certification – Foundation (Basic)
This is the first curricula, which underpins all the other additional curricula in the Foundation Program. For the UK 7 Ireland specifically, it comprises two sets of Learning Outcomes as follows:

The latter are specific only to the UK & Ireland Chapter and are developed to ensure support for the UK BIM Framework and important Government and Industry standards and guidance. Specific questions will be asked of students when taking the exam on both sets of learning outcomes.

The specific UK & Ireland Learning Outcomes map to the UK BIM Framework Learning Outcomes and are as follows:

6.1 Understand the national standards and guidance with regards to the management of information on UK projects, within the context of the UK BIM Framework

6.2 Understand UK specific information requirements for the management and exchange of information and the associated localised annex information (Capital Delivery)

6.3 Understand additional UK information requirements in relation to whole lifecycle management (including organisational and asset management) and the application of relevant project handover deliverables, including ISO55000 requirements (Operational Management)

6.4 Understand the nature of UK & Ireland contractual and legal requirements including the usage of the Information Protocol in the built environment.

6.5 Understand the need and delivery of security and secure data requirements within the UK & Ireland built environment.

6.6 Understand the requirements for the inclusion of Health and Safety information in the UK and CDM regulations within a managed project information exchange.

Each of these Learning Outcomes is detailed more in the corresponding Learning Outcomes document which is availdownloadable above.

Application Process – Professional Certification – Foundation (Basic)
Every approved training partner commits to ensuring that they are delivering the appropriate content to ready students to take the buildingSMART UK and Ireland Professional Certification exam for the specific curricula. Each of the nine curricula has a set of Learning Outcomes and approved training providers are furnished with a Body of Knowledge to help them build the right content.

To begin the registration process, the applicant must contact the Registration Authority (in this case buildingSMART UK & Ireland) to receive the application documentation. The applicant submits all completed application documents, signed by an authorized representative of its organization and electronically submits the documents to the Chapter’s email address (

The steps of the Foundation “Basic” Training Provider application process are shown in Figure 2 below.