Delivering Valuable Data: Feedback please!

Reliable and appropriately secure information is the life-blood of an organisation, essential for decision-making. All too often, the technologies we use, or the ways we use them, create barriers to the exploitation of data and information in our own organisations or in sharing it with supply chain partners. 

Delivering Valuable Data, the interoperability code of practice for technologies, has been developed by a cross-industry working group to address this problem. In addition to the need for interoperability, it identifies five underpinning principles which our technologies and software should deliver and the related technical requirements which will help procurers to evaluate products. 

A consultation on the draft code of practice is open until the 20th February 2023.

Comments are invited from individuals and organisations, from technology providers and from clients and construction / asset management supply chain organisations making use of these technologies. 

Access the consultation here.

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